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Our Values


Our most coveted value, collaboration, is at the heart of our relationships with clients and our team.


We hold ourselves to a very high standard. We only onboard people with the intellect, passion, experience, and education to get every project done to its finest.


The 5th Chair was born to support freelancers and independent contractors who love what they do, and do it well. We are different from other agencies in that we are a collective of independent talent, who set our own rates, rules, and regulations. There is someone for everyone here!


We are committed to having voices from every walk of life on our team. It is our belief that creativity and communication are amplified when you are surrounded with people, opinions, values, and stories that differ from that of your own.


We have a strong belief that people who have walked a path less expected, and sometimes less respected, have value, and are equally as capable and kind. We look beyond the resume for our team members, and we happily work with companies that exist in the grey. Open minds, open hearts.


Besides the fact that we offer communications-based services, we are big believers that clear, open, and varied communication is the key to happy employees and clients. We are constantly optimizing our communications strategies to best serve our community.

We don't sell metrics and analytics.

We sell the magic, the narrative, the story, the branding.

 Adrena Stone, The Fifth Chair Founder & Creative Director.

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