What We Do

We partner likeminded brands and businesses with influencers and user generated content (UGC) creators that amplify their message and reputation through strategic content marketing.

Our obsession with what makes people and companies different, and our focus on storytelling, branding, relationships, and reputation management is what set us apart.

Founded through a love of communication and collaboration, The Fifth Chair lives and breathes team work. Our talented and growing roster of influencers and UGC creators have their fingers on the pulse of today’s trends, attitudes, and currents.

The Fifth Chair is designed to facilitate positive, impactful relationships. We connect you to the right fit for your brand, and support our creators with the tools and team to deliver content that stops the scroll, increases brand awareness and converts.

Our process: Facilitate & Foster Synergetic Relationships 

  • Consult & Strategize: Collaboration in full swing, it’s time for us to get to know your company.  Let’s get to the core of your goals, barriers, and hurdles.  With a clear overview of who you are & what you need, we can find creators that amplify your brand, messaging, and impact.


  • Onboard & Execute: Time for action. We present creator options that fit your narrative, and narrow it down. We then onboard the best fit & execute a contract. Be it producing marketing materials and videos, writing blogs or creating UGC clips, online promotion, or in person events, we support our creators to get the job done right.


  • Review & Revisit: At this point, we are collaborating with you to measure the project success through metrics and analytics,  and tweak as needed. We are honing and amplifying what works.

What makes us different

Our focus lies in people-centric marketing and storytelling. Our passion for creator lifestyle branding derives from our love of diversity and dialogue inducing content.

Our team was curated to reflect the world: vibrant, different, beautiful and varied. We are all about open hearts, and open minds. We built our business with the intention of shaking up the industry! We cultivate relationships with creators and companies that are audacious, bold, different and daring. We aren’t afraid to colour outside the lines, make noise and take up space!

We believe in the clients and creators that we have on our team, and together we are carving out our vision and victories!  

So why the poppies...

A Poppy for Nick Project

As Canadians, we seek to help one another, especially those of us who have fallen on hard times. The opiate crisis is just that: a CRISIS. As Vancouverites specifically, we all wish we could do something, anything, to help our hardest hit communities.

At The Fifth Chair, we have made it our mission to give a portion of our profits to organizations helping to fight the opiate crisis on the frontlines, everyday. When you work with us, you are participating in that mission, and as such, we thank you.

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