What We Do

The Fifth Chair aims to become a leader in the public relations and branding spaces, with a core focus in reputation and crisis management. It was founded through a love of communications and collaboration. Each team member has been carefully vetted to ensure their passion and experience are on par with our values and mission. We have an amazing and growing team of professionals in branding, social media marketing, public relations and communications. The Fifth Chair is designed to fill a seat or role in your business, and to be an extension of your in house team. 

Our process: Simple, effective, long-lasting results you’ll love. 

  1. Consult & Strategize: Collaboration in full swing, this is time for us to get to know you & your business, inside-out! Let’s get to the core of your goals, barriers, hurdles, and more! With a complete overview of who you are & what you want, we can create a plan that speaks to you.
  2. Onboard & Execute: Now is the time for doing. We onboard the best professionals for your specific needs, and then we execute: be it a branding or rebranding kit, a public relations campaign, or a takeover of your socials, we’ve got you covered. In this stage we are executing the plan, and tweaking it at specific benchmarks along the way. We are honing and amplifying what works.
  3. Review & Revisit:YAY! We have achieved success, and have detailed the practicals & the process for you in a document for your future reference. Now you can choose to take over the project completely, keep us in the loop on an as-needed basis, or onboard The Fifth Chair to meet more of your long term needs. Whatever it is, we’ve got your back!

What makes us different

Our focus lies in people-centric marketing and storytelling. Our passion for lifestyle branding derives from our love of diversity and dialogue-inducing content. Our team was curated to reflect the world: vibrant, different, beautiful and varied. We are all about open hearts, and open minds. We structured our company differently, so we are a link between top talent in their fields, and our clients.  We facilitate relationships and support freelancers and consultants to do their best work.  Our team is growing every day.

So why the poppies...

A Poppy for Nick Project

As Canadians, we seek to help one another, especially those of us who have fallen on hard times. The opiate crisis is just that: a CRISIS. As Vancouverites specifically, we all wish we could do something, anything, to help our hardest hit communities.

At The Fifth Chair, we have made it our mission to give a portion of our profits to organizations helping to fight the opiate crisis on the frontlines, everyday. When you work with us, you are participating in that mission, and as such, we invite you to include a red poppy on your website in support of this movement.

Please contact us for more information or to join the movement.

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