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Q1 What types of experiences does your team have working for clients?

Answer: Our team is really diverse. We have digital marketers who have worked with major companies to create innovation-based projects pertaining to changing technology, as well as expansion projects to enter new markets and countries. We also have social media managers that have managed accounts for lifestyle, apparel, and food and drink brands. Our public relations specialist has managed campaigns, executed content creation on behalf of brands big and small, and is a fantastic communications consultant who has worked in the legal, marijuana and healthcare industries, among many others. Our in-house social media manager has experience working with start-ups and established businesses, and speaks English & Mandarin. Our team is growing every day and we love it!

Q2 How do you measure success?

Answer: We use social media metrics that matter. Follows and likes are great, but we know they don’t have a direct impact on your bottom line. We use current tools and analytics to track brand awareness, reach, engagement, and conversions. These are the metrics that matter and move the needle.

Q3:Which platforms will you be using?

Answer: Building a streamlined brand campaign across many platforms sounds good, right? Well, in reality, we recognize that certain industries and brands will do best on certain platforms. For example, B2B, B2C, and influencer marketing are best reflected on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, respectively. We will determine where your message will make the most impact, and use the platforms and tools that will benefit you most.

Q4 How does your team develop content?

Answer: We develop content in multiple ways. Luckily, many members of our team are incredible content producers, with varying experiences. Content creation is built on strategy involving market research, brand identity, brand awareness, your business values and mission, and so much more. The process is multi-faceted and involves many hands working together to achieve the best aesthetic, reach, and quality of content. Content strategies are constantly changing as your company grows, and we can involve you in the process as little or as much as you'd like!

Q5 Why should I choose The Fifth Chair?

Answer: We believe that everything starts with your message. Analytics and metrics measure the success of your messaging. Without a strong brand voice and identity, everything else fails to make the impact you want.

Our team was cultivated to meet this end. We work with incredibly talented, creative, artistic, and passionate people who love language, and the art of marketing. Of course we use the tools to measure success too, but we start with the heart of the matter: giving your business the voice it deserves, so that it resonates with your audience, builds a brand that people remember, and return to over and over.


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